Grunion Run; Cheese in China; Eggs for Dinner

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This week on Good Food, host Evan Kleiman chats with the Los Angeles Times' Russ Parsons about eating eggs for dinner.  Russ offers his foolproof technique for creamy scrambled eggs.  We'll eat pizza and vegan food with Lesley Bargar Suter of Los Angeles Magazine.  Dennis Rosen explains why some Haitian women aren't breast feeding.  We'll eat stinky cheese in China with Fuschia Dunlop.  Catherine Wright Donnelly tells us all about raw cheese.  We'll eat Hidalgo's version of Haggis with Gustavo Arellano.  Plus, Eddie Lin goes running with the California grunion.  And, DJ Olsen shares a recipe for morels and porcini mushrooms.

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