30 Sandwiches in 30 Days

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Elina Shatkin is a senior editor for Los Angeles magazine. Formerly, she was a food writer at LA Weekly where she chronicled 30 Sandwiches in 30 Days. A list of her highlights follows:

Daily Dose - The Farmer
Mezze - Pastrami Sandwich (only on Sunday)
King Torta - Al Pastor Torta
Cook's Torta's - Torta Bacalao, Torta Ahogada
Spice Table - Bahn Mi
Ink Sack - The Spanish Godfather
Sotto - Porchetta
Baco Mercat - The Toron

Torta Mojito at Cooks Tortas


The Farmer sandwich at Daily Dose 

Assorted sandwiches from ink.sack

Photos courtesy of Elina Shatkin's Guzzle & Nosh