History of the Toothpick; Moby; Tasting Wine; In-N-Out; Cranberry Harvest

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Thanksgiving is over but we're not done talking about food.  This week on Good Food with Evan Kleiman, how cranberries are harvested.  Dawn Gates Allen explains this very East Coast tradition.  Moby is here to share his thoughts on eating meat.  We'll discuss the difference between drinking wine and tasting it from wine writer Ernie Whalley.  Chow's Helena Echlin weighs on whether it's okay to bring your own food to a movie theater.  We'll eat hot dogs with Jonathan GoldStacy Perman offers a behind-the-scenes look at In-N-Out.  They're more to the toothpick than you think.  Henry Petroski knows all about the history of the toothpick.  Plus Georg Riedel explains why shape matters when it comes to wine glasses.  And Laura Avery has the fresh scoop at the Santa Monica Farmers Market.


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