Hot Toddies; Holiday Giving; New Year’s Eve Ideas; Turning Fat into Fuel

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Consider giving the gift of livestock this season.  Elizabeth Bintliff of Heifer International explains what exactly that entails. 

The history of humanity is intrinsically linked with food, says Tom Standage.  In this week’s show, how agriculture and trade changed the world.  Tyson chicken is trying to change our future by converting chicken fat into fuel.  It’s a new kind of renewable energy source.  Jeff Webster has the details.

Lesley Bargar of Los Angeles magazine has some suggestions for where you should ring in the new year.  And Jonathan Gold explains what a “drowned sandwich” is.

How about giving a cake as a gift this Christmas?  Rose Levy Beranbaum has some ideas for your holiday baking.  Wine is another great gift idea.  Pam Boring of the California Wine Club walks us through the do’s and don’ts of gifting wine.  What are the holidays without a little egg nog and hot buttered rum?  Dr. Cocktail, Ted Haigh, shares the stories behind these winter cocktails.

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