Indian cuisine, chowder, wine

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Anajak Thai opened in Sherman Oaks 40 years ago. The second- generation chef’s reimagining of his father’s menu has created lines down the block. Photo courtesy of Resy.

Indian chef and author Maunika Gowardhan celebrates thali — a complete meal served on one plate that offers six taste sensations. Anthropologist Deepa S. Reddy takes a deep look at the Indian soup rasam and its cultural-socio meanings. Craig Fear pays homage to the seafood of New England with chowders, bisques, boils, and stews. Natural wine enthusiast Alice Feiring chronicles the vintages that chronicle her life in a new memoir. From casual Taco Tuesdays to an omakase experience that's booked through September, Anajak Thai is named Restaurant of the Year by LA Times restaurant critic Bill Addison. Chinese eggplant and dates have their day in the sun at the farmers market.