The nose knows: New memoir chronicles a life in wine

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Alice Feiring recalls her earliest smell memory being her grandfather’s scotch as he read bedtime stories. Photo courtesy of Alice Feiring.

As comedian Jimmy Durante once said, “The nose knows.” So do people who make their living writing about wine. Alice Feiring is famous for blowing the whistle about additives in vino and ceaselessly champions natural wine. Like anyone who develops a passion and is fortunate enough to turn it into a profession, she had to start somewhere. In her new memoir “To Fall in Love Drink This,” Feiring chronicles how her career started and where her nose has led her, including stories of her first glass of chablis, and a run in with serial killer Rodney Alcala aka The Dating Game Killer in New York when she went into the city to have her braces tightened on Passover Friday.

From a California chablis to advocating for natural wines, Alice Feiring chronicles her life in wine in her memoir, “To Fall in Love, Drink This.” Photo courtesy of Simon & Schuster.