Special Farm Report

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This week the Market Report goes on the road to Canebreak Valley near Onyx, California. Laura Avery visits Ruben Mkrtchyan, an Armenian farmer who has been seduced by the unique Uzbek melons. He has 30 acres in an otherwise unfarmed valley in the high desert where he grows a variety of Uzbek melons that only four farmers in the US are growing right now. You can find him at the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers' Market.

gf120804cornucopia.jpgSteve Facciola is the author of Cornucopia II: A Source Book of Edible Plants. He and Mkrtchyan visited Armenia recently where it's common to make syrups and confections with melons. Together they have planted a trial run of unique Uzbek melons on Mkrtchyan's farm.

Music Bed: "Soul Car" by P-A Dahan / S. Pezin