Afromexicano cuisine, The Legacy Quilt, PI Day

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Lauren Ko, author of Pieometry, admits that she doesn’t have a sweet tooth but considers PI Day as celebratory as her birthday, planning months in advance for March 14. Photo by Ed Anderson.

The culinary influence of the Transatlantic Slave crossing is evident throughout the American South. In the Costa Chica area of Oaxaca, Mexico, the heritage is equally rich but not often recognized or discussed, says food writer Bill Esparza. Michelle Bishop of Harlem Needle Arts describes the work behind The Legacy Quilt, on display in the “African/American: Making the Nation’s Table” exhibit at the Museum of Food and Drink. Lauren Ko is designing pies that are made for Instagram. Lucy Haro, a grant recipient from Re:Her, is serving Peruvian soul food at Qusqo Bistro. LA Times restaurant critic Bill Addison reviews Yangban Society in the Arts District. Tomatoes are ripe at the farmer’s market.