Fighting climate change with plant-based burgers

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The Amazon rainforest is burning, largely a direct result of ranchers clearing land to raise cattle. Amid mounting environmental concerns, some diners are turning to plant-based meat alternatives such as the Impossible Burger. 

In 2017, Good Food’s Evan Kleiman tried the plant-based patty for her first time at Crossroads Kitchen , an upscale plant-based restaurant in West Hollywood. The Impossible Burger is designed to mimic the mouthfeel and visual cues of meat, including blood. 

Executive chef Scot Jones spoke with Kleiman about how it’s served at Crossroads. UCLA professors Amy Rowat and Jenny Jay also broke down the science of how the burger is made, as well as the impact that meat has on our environment.

A raw Impossible Burger patty. Photo credit:  Camellia Tse



Evan Kleiman