Bariatric Patient

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Three years ago Diana Klein underwent bariatric surgery in order to lose more than one hundred pounds. She tells her story to producer Thea Chaloner.

When weight loss becomes a matter of life and death, the typical methods of decreased calorie intake and exercise may not be radical enough for the morbidly obese.  Gastric bypass surgery is becoming increasingly more popular as a means of fast and effective results.  The procedure is a drastic step, so it is generally only offered to those who fit certain medical criteria, who have difficulty losing weight by other means.

Gastric bypass surgery causes weight loss by reducing the size of the stomach so the patient feels full more quickly.  Parts of the stomach and small intestine are also surgically bypassed, so fewer calories are absorbed (some important nutrients are lost in the process, so careful nutritional planning is required).

Different surgical methods are used to achieve the stomach reduction and bypass -- bands and other assistive devices may be used in lieu of a total bypass.

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