Modernist Drinks, Geology and 'Terroir,' Margarita Dermatitis

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Today's show is a geeky love fest between alcohol and science. North Carolina natives Brent Manning and Brian Simpson discuss why roasting local malts makes for a more interesting beer. Kevin Pogue, a Washington-based geologist, redefines terroir for local vintners and LA food writer Garrett Snyder visits Alex Day and Chris Day (no relation) at their cocktail-lab Chapter & Verse where they are utilizing centrifugal force to make better cocktails. Good Food producer Gillian Ferguson asks master sommelier Brian McClintic what it's like to take the notoriously difficult Master Sommelier exam (and then subjects him to a blind wine tasting). Plus, have you ever had a terrible sunburn after making Margaritas in the sun? If so, dermatologist Rajani Katta says you may be a victim of Margarita Dermatitis - an odd skin reaction that occurs when a squeeze of stray lime juice lands on your skin and is exposed to the sun. Jonathan Gold stops by to talk about Trois Mec and, at the market, Amelia Saltsman gives tips for grilling vegetables and Mike Cirone is back with his Blenheim apricots.

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