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Intrepid puppets “Waffles & Mochi” embark on culinary adventures around the world to learn about ingredients and meet famous chefs in a 10-episode series for Netflix. Photo by Adam Rose.

Need a hug straight out of the oven? A tray of chocolate chip cookies may just do the trick. Roxana Jullapat has a chocolate chip cookie recipe that is simple, using one of seven types of flours. Jeremy Konner and Erika Thormahlen, the creators of “Waffles + Mochi” on Netflix, explain how Michelle Obama and a duo of puppets share the small screen while introducing children to basic ingredients and how they’re eaten around the world. Ria Dolly Barbosa celebrates the one year anniversary of Petite Peso in this week’s installment of “In the Weeds.” Chef Analiese Gregory traded in a professional kitchen for living off the land in Tasmania. Chef Curtis Stone is up to his elbows in flour for his latest venture in Beverly Hills. Plus, Steph Chen of Sugarbear Bakes shops at the farmer’s market for a “Gather for Good” AAPI fundraiser.



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