‘Gather For Good’ AAPI bake sale: Buying ingredients with Steph Chen

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Steph Chen’s breakfast chorizo hand pie will be sold at the upcoming Gather For Good bake sale benefitting AAPI organizations. Photo by Steph Chen.

Gather For Good started in 2017 with a community bake sale. Market correspondent Gillian Ferguson tracks down Steph Chen of Sugarbear Bakes at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market, where she is buying  ingredients for a fundraiser benefiting the Asian American Pacific Islander community. Chen is buying her chorizo from Oliver Woolley of Peads & Barnetts. Woolley describes raising pigs in the springtime, with 60-80 piglets a week being born, he is making his own feed using non-GMO wheat, barley, seaweed, and acorns.



Evan Kleiman