Swapping tweezers for a rolling pin: Curtis Stone opens The Pie Room

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Legions of restaurants pivoted last March as the city shut down. Many Michelin restaurants found it difficult to switch gears as chefs swapped their tweezers for takeout boxes. At Gwen, Curtis Stone’s restaurant and butcher shop, the already existing retail component was a saving grace and the chicken pot pie to-go became a staple and a life preserver. But Aussies have always loved their pies, especially the savory. With that connection and his butcher counter as inspiration,Chef Stone opened The Pie Room by Gwen as a pop-up in Beverly Hills. 

The Pie Room by Gwen is a temporary pop-up in the Michelin-starred Maude space in Beverly Hills, serving pies, puddings, and tarts. Photo by Andrea D’Agosto.

Chef Curtis Stone worked with acclaimed Marco Pierre White for eight years in London, an experience he used as inspiration for his Sticky Toffee Pudding at his pop-up, The Pie Room by Gwen. Photo by Andrea D’Agosto.



Evan Kleiman