Scott Daigre on Tomato Strategy

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Scott Daigre is the founder of Tomatomania. The tomato extravaganza is back and bigger than ever, so this year and he suggests a few tomato strategies that will prevent the home gardener from being overwhelmed. If you know what you want from your tomato plants you can plan ahead. He recommends:

For abundance and flavor

Green Doctors

For the perfect BLT

Ananas Noire
any tomatoes in the black tomato family

For canning and roasting

Amish Paste (beware production may lag)

To win a beauty contest

Black Creme
Cherokee Purple

Tomatomania events began last week in Corona del Mar and will continue throughout March in Southern California. The biggest event is in Encino March 23, 24 and 25.

Before you visit Tomatomania this year, listen to this outtake about tomato myths every gardener needs to know.