Vicky Bennison adapts YouTube series ‘Pasta Grannies’ into a cookbook

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Cesaria hails from Morgongiori, a little village on the western side of central Sardinia, where a double-hopped twist of lorighittas are made for eating on November 1 — All Saint’s Day. Photo by Emma Lee.

Vicky Bennison is the brains behind the YouTube show “Pasta Grannies.” The tradition of handmade pasta is declining in Italy, where Bennison makes her home part of the year. So she decided to start filming the grandmothers who are still painstakingly making pasta by hand. 

“Pasta Grannies” resonated with viewers and Bennison gained 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, giving rise to a cookbook by the same name

Giuseppa lives in the village of Ozieri, Sardinia, where the local pasta shape is macarrones de ungia, which means “fingernail pasta.” Photo by Emma Lee.

Vicky Bennison adapted her popular YouTube series, “Pasta Grannies” into a cookbook, sharing Italy’s best home cook secrets. Photo courtesy of Hardie Grant.