Power Lunching; Super Bowl Snacks; The CA Homemade Food Act

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Writer Gary Baum demystifies the Hollywood power lunch. He defines the etiquette and lists the restaurants where the big deals go down. For those who aren't looking to see and be seen, blogger Zach Brooks raves about the high end food court fare at Fig and 7th. Plus, Jonathan Gold reviews Bestia, the new Italian concept from chef Ori Menashe. For those who plan to take advantage of the California Homemade Food Act, health inspector Richard Sanchez decodes the new law. Photographer Caren Alpert explains her unique food photography and cookbook author Cynthia Nims shares ideas for making salty Super Bowl snacks at home. At the market, Laura Avery talks to farmer Alex Weiser about his purple Brussels sprouts and Amelia Saltsman shares a recipe for a heart-warming pasta that highlights winter cabbage.

Banner image: Terra cibus no.32 / shrimp tail (230x magnification) by Caren Alpert

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