Razor Clams, Tokyo Ramen, How Mushrooms Can Save the World

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Laura Avery talks to Laura Ramirez of JJ's Lone Daughter Ranch about how she likes to eat persimmons and Amelia Posada tells us about heritage breed turkeys. LA Councilman Paul Krekorian gives us an update on the California law that prevents the processing of downer animals for the food supply. George Cosette of Silverlake Wines describes an ancient technique for making wine that is still being used in the Republic of Georgia. Plus, Marsha Johnson defines misophonia and Langdon Cook takes us digging for razor clams in the Pacific Northwest. Paul Stamets is here to explain how mushrooms can save the world. Jonathan Gold visits a highly anticipated ramen restaurant from a Tokyo ramen master and Deep End Diner Eddie Lin gives us a behind the scenes tour of a dumpling factory in Alhambra, California.

Banner image courtesy of Langdon Cook's blog, Fat of the Land.

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