Roy Choi, Ethnic Cuisine in LA, and Ottolenghi

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Roy Choi, the man behind Kogi and Chego talks about his early life Korea and his LA upbringing. Jonathan Gold weighs in on whether or not the food in LA's Koreatown lives up to the food in Korea. Leslie Barger Suter discusses how ethnic cuisine is becoming the trendiest cuisine out there and how Los Angeles is benefiting from this because of the city's diversity. Chefs Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi co-wrote a popular cookbook, Ottolenghi, which just came out with an American version. Dominique Crenn talks about the challenges facing women trying to become chefs and about the media’s role in how female chefs are portrayed.And Benny Bohm, general manager of AMMO Cafe in Hollywood, talks about the delicata squash his restaurant is using for a delicata squash salad recipe.