Russian food, fishing for sport, African cuisines

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Experimenting with ingredients with limited kitchen gadgets, cook and food writer Andy Baraghani shares everyday recipes for the home cook. Photo by Graydon Herriot.

Food scholar Darra Goldstein describes the evolution of Russian cuisine despite scarcity and isolation. Environmentalist and author Paul Greenberg recalls fishing with his father but says the time has come to eliminate the “trophy catch.” Andy Baraghani takes lessons he learned working the line around the country and applies them to the home kitchen in a new cookbook. Growing up in Gabon, Anto Cocagne had aspirations outside of homemaking and left Africa for France, touting the cuisine of the Sub-Sahara. Melvin Blanco, an oncology nurse, opened Juan & Nita’s Bagnet-Silog during the pandemic to feed frontline workers. Finally, it’s summer and that means mangoes at the farmers market.