A roasted leg of lamb recipe for Passover

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Next we turn to another food often eaten during Passover: lamb. Israelites brought along roasted lamb sandwiches made with bitter herbs and matzo during the exodus from Egypt, says Amelia Saltsman, author of The Seasonal Jewish Kitchen. To make this connection for guests at the Passover table, Saltsman will serve a roasted leg of lamb with salsa verde, re-purposing any leftover herbs from the Seder. Find her recipe on the Good Food blog.

At the Santa Monica Farmers' Market, prices for organic grass-fed lamb from Jimenez Family Farm range from $4 for bones to $30 for a rack of lamb. Joe Jock gives Laura Avery the lowdown on how their lambs are raised on the ranch in Santa Ynez. The herd of some 40 Dorper and Katahdin lambs graze on grass in open pastures. A fence and German Shepherd guard dog keep the predators away. At eight months, the young sheep are slaughtered and brought to market as whole carcasses or custom cuts. Jock says he's seeing an uptick in sales so don't be surprised if you see more grass-fed lamb ending up on the plate.

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