Smorgasburg returns, cold noodles, Micheladas, ice cream

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Stay cool over the Fourth of July weekend with popsicles, ice cream, Micheladas, or a summer gin and tonic. Good Food looks back on our favorite summer heatwave segments. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

The heat is on, so Good Food celebrates all things cold but starts with the reopening of Smogasburg on July 4. General Manager Zach Brooks has a rundown of new vendors and old favorites. Eater LA Associate Editor Cathy Chaplin shares where to get cold bowls of noodles to stay cool. Dr. Rajita Katta reveals the curious phenomenon of Margarita dermatitis, a skin condition caused by citrus juice on the skin and exposure to the sun. Richard Parks III speaks to Fernando Lopez of I Love Micheladas about the southland’s favorite beer cocktail. Dave Arnold has perfected the gin and tonic. Finally, the history of the men and women who drive ice cream trucks.



Evan Kleiman