Savory pie: turkey, stuffing, cranberries all in a flakey pie shell

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The Pie Room in London has been serving individual pies from a window during the pandemic, including this pork pie which co-host David Chang jokes is the accompaniment to any salad he will eat. Photo by John Carey.

 In London there’s a glorious contemporary take on a Victorian kitchen tucked into the Holborn Dining Room. The pies coming out of that exquisite room are savory showstoppers. Instead of opting out of Thanksgiving altogether this year, why not just reduce it to one stunning savory pie? Nokuthula “Nokx” Majozi is the sous chef of Holborn and the senior pie maker at The Pie Room. They’ve been serving individual pies from the window of the bakery during the pandemic.

The British have cornered the market on savory pies over the last 600 years, including these
curried cauliflower and potato pastries hand pies that perfect socially distanced holiday. Photo by John Carey.
Nokx Majozi is the senior pie maker at The Pie Room of the Holborn Dining Room in London. Their new cookbook features 80 recipes for pie lovers everywhere. Photo courtesy of Bloomsbury.



Evan Kleiman