The Art of Kaiseki, Lobster Economics, Best Brunches In LA

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Wholesale lobster prices are at an all time low, so why are restaurants still charging high prices? New Yorker financial writer James Surowiecki offers an explanation. Chef Niki Nakayama describes the art of kaiseki dining and chef Edward Lee talks about why fusion food is racist. Jonathan Gold details what he looks for in a savory pie and Gustavo Arellano takes us out for Middle Eastern pastries at Knafeh Cafe in Anaheim. Plus, Lesley Bargar Suter offers tips on where to find the best bottomless drinks, eggs Benedict and French toast in Los Angeles. At the market, Laura Avery talks to Ruben Mkrtchyan about his Uzbek melons and CJ Jacobson shops for peppers at Peacock Family Farms.

Banner image: Autumn mushrooms (eringi, maitake, shiitake, shimeji), Alaskan halibut, cress, onion powder shallot cream sauce and lotus root chip. Photo: Zen Sekizawa