Choose your pleasure at Spoon by H in Mid-City

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Highlights at Spoon by H include, clockwise, left to right, strawberry shaved snow; “teaffee” cube latte set; triple waffle with bananas, berries and Nutella; kimchi rice with a fried egg; and the spectacular pork belly and dumpling soup. Photo credit: Silvia Razgova /LA Times

LA Times critic Bill Addison recently proclaimed Spoon by H to be LA’s best Korean restaurant outside of Koreatown. The restaurant originally opened as a dessert cafe in Mid-City serving Instagrammable dessert waffles, fruity drinks, and shaved ices. However, chef Yoonjin Hwang’s secret weapon is a savory menu that showcases her creative touch with homestyle dishes, such as dumpling and pork belly soup and kimchi fried rice.



Evan Kleiman