The Perfect Steak; BMI Testing for Kids; 'The Waiter' Speaks

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Hearty foods take center stage this week.  Mark Schatzker has a primer on picking out a perfect steak, David Graulich traces the history of French fries and Joanna Pruess takes everyday bacon to new heights. Sociologist Barry Glassner talks about how Americans loves to eat, yet have created a culture of deprivation; and Jodi Kantor reports on the state laws that now require Body Mass Index (BMI) testing in elementary schools. Two bloggers join the show this week: "The Waiter," the anonymous author of, tells us exactly what he thinks of his customers; and John G, of, teaches us about the wines of Trader Joe's (beyond Two Buck Chuck, that is). In this week's market report, Laura Avery tells us what's fresh and Evan Kleiman shares her recipe for Turkish Tarator -- a sauce for fish and vegetables.

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