The State of Seafood in the Gulf; Sports Bars; Pine Nut Mouth

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The April 20 explosion of an oil rig has wreaked havoc on wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico.  This week on Good Food, hear about how the seafood industry is responding.  Rusty Gaude, a fisheries agent with LSU, explains the status of the spill on the ecosystem.  Shrimper Lance Nacio talks to us from his boat the Anna Marie.  CJ Gerdes, owner of the legendary seafood restaurant Casamentos in New Orleans, describes how consumers are reacting to the disaster in the Gulf.  Pine Nut Mouth can be a distressing reaction to the normally benign nut.  Polly Campbell describes what this allergy is like.  Pastry chef and blogger David Lebovitz shares stories of the sweet life in Paris.  Explore Thai Town with the LA Weekly's Jonathan Gold.  Thrillist's Jeff Miller takes us to the best sports bars in Los Angeles.  Laura Avery finds purple sprouting broccoli at the Santa Monica Farmers Market.  Plus, learn how to pair cheese and sake with Barrie Lynn.  And, join host Evan Kleiman for a meat pie at an Australian rules football game.