Kids these days: Nostalgic candy and modern confectionary treats

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Though she can’t explain why, candy shop owner Jessica Stevenson observes that nostalgic wax bottle candies are trending and are a sellout in her Tonawanda, New York store. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Jessica Stevenson and her husband Tyler own and operate Hello, Sweets in Tonawanda, New York. They debut new confections and candies on TikTok. She says in-store customers are typically in search of nostalgic candies and a walk down memory lane, picking up sweets they remember from their childhood. Online orders tend to be for newer, more novelty sweets. “The kids right now love everything sour, it can’t get sour enough for them,” she says. Sour ooze tubes and sprays like breath fresheners are the latest craze. Asked when people turn to chocolate, Stevenson expresses, “I think chocolate people are born.”