Vanna White; Egg Recall; Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

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Canning and food preservation is all the rage.  This week, Good Food jumps on the bandwagon.  Host Evan Kleiman and master preserver Delilah Snell answer listeners canning questions.  Wheel of Fortune co-host Vanna White is an avid canner.  She shares her family tradition of canning tomatoes.  Chef Akasha Richmond has been making hundreds of jars of chutney.  Koreatown is the latest stop for Jonathan Gold.  He takes us to a spot serving bossam.  Los Angeles is holding it's first every craft beer crawl.  Beer Chick Christina Perozzi has the details.  Professor Marion Nestle explains the impact of egg recall.  And, we'll introduce you to Doug Quint and his Big Gay Ice Cream Truck.  Plus a recipe for butternut squash soup on the Market Report.