Vegan Twinkies; Handcrafted Salami; No Knead Bread

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Jonathan Gold get our appetites going with The Kitchen.  Evan finds out where the Hollywood A list types go to lunch and why with editor of The Knife, Variety's food blog, Dana Harris.  Salami can be so much more than what's pushed out of a factory.  Paul Bertolli is one of America's few artisan salami-makers who's turning out hand-crafted salumi.  Jennifer McCann has perfected a vegan version of the Twinkie, so rest easy all you vegan children.  How to make a perfect loaf of bread with absolutely no kneading from NY Times writer Mark Bittman.  Cooking without recipes is cooking with improvisation and Sally Schneider can give us tips.  And the black truffle, it's in season and chef Peter McNee tells us about his love of them.

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