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Photo: Camellia Tse

Making isamadas with Chef Isa Fabro at Unit 120 11 MIN, 55 SEC

After returning from a revelatory trip in the Philippines, Isa Fabro started making desserts in LA’s Far East Plaza that pay homage to her Pinay roots: rich flaky isamadas, coconut malas that mash up Hawaiian malasadas with Filipino karyokas, and halo-halo, or Filipino shaved ice. Find out what inspires this funny, driven Filipino-American chef as she makes isamadas for KCRW’s video team at Unit 120.

Music: "Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head" by Gorillaz, "Des Knaben Wunderhorn-Revelge" by Mahler & "Immigrant Check" by The Beastie Boys vs. Led Zeppelin

Jonathan Gold eats kinilaw and pancit at LASA 6 MIN, 59 SEC

Next we linger at Unit 120 to devour more Filipino food with our favorite food critic, Jonathan Gold. This week, he dines at LASA, the Filipino-American pop-up run by Chase and Chad Valencia that has a weekend residency in Chinatown’s Far East Plaza. Find out more about the ingredients and dishes on the menu and try LASA’s recipe for red snapper kinilaw on the Good Food blog.

Music: "Nevada" by Robert and The Roboters

The Grape Whisperer 5 MIN, 26 SEC

North of Los Angeles along California’s Central Coast, the grape harvest has begun. We phoned Ruben Solorzano, the man whom insiders call the “Grape Whisperer,” at Stolpman Vineyards in Los Olivos to get a report on this year’s crop. Solorzano is a partner at Coastal Vineyard Care Associates, which focuses on putting organic and biodynamic practices into place at vineyards.

Music: "Pass The Timbau (Instrumental)" by Davi Vieira

You are what you eat 6 MIN, 52 SEC

The average American supermarket carries more than 42,000 items for consumers to choose from. The possibilities are endless. What are the motivations that drive our buying choices and how do our personal values define our eating habits? These questions keep Sophie Egan up at night. She’s a food and health writer who works at The Culinary Institute of America. Her new book is Devoured: From Chicken Wings to Kale Smoothies — How What We Eat Defines Who We Are.

Music: "So High" by Tom Maxwell

Baby eggplant rescoldo 8 MIN, 19 SEC

Eggplants are in season now in our neck of the woods. In this week’s Market Report, Noah Schaner shares tips for how to grow the nightshade on his family farm in Valley Center, Calif. Then Chef Chris Feldmeier has pointers for cooking different kinds of eggplant at his restaurant, Moruno. Find Feldmeier’s recipe for baby eggplant rescoldo on the Good Food blog.

Music: "Bartholomew Fair" by The Toy Band

Burned: Rape, sexual assault and trafficking in LA's restaurant industry 15 MIN, 47 SEC

If you’ve been listening to the show this month, you’ve heard KCRW’s deep dive into wage theft, injuries and retaliation at restaurants throughout LA. Cases of sexual assault and harassment in kitchens are often underreported, according to investigative reporter Karen Foshay, because victims tend to be immigrant women who are afraid to speak out for fear of losing their jobs. It’s also incredibly difficult to uncover instances of labor trafficking in restaurants. Listen to the final installment of Foshay’s remarkable series, Burned: Abuse in LA’s Restaurant Industry. A quick warning here: this segment contains some graphic language.

Music: "Chocolate Lovely" by Amon Tobin

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