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Have you ever had gefilte fish? Chefs Mark Spangenthal and Jonathan Waxman dreaded the slimy fish of their youth and are reinventing the Passover staple with modern riffs. Debbie Lee guides us through the aisles of a Korean grocery store, tells us what to shop for and offers tips on how to cook those unfamiliar ingredients at home. Professor Gary Williams explains the complicated history of the Farm Bill and Marion Nestle, Josh Viertel, Roger Johnson and Dale Moore tell us what they believe are the most important issues in this year's Farm Bill debate. Plus, Jonathan Gold is surprised to find that he enjoys a build-your-own pizza joint in Westwood.

One Good Dish

David Tanis

Guest Interview Shopping at the Korean Market

Debbie Lee takes Evan to the Koreatown Galleria, the premier Korean Grocery in Los Angeles, at the intersection of Olympic and Western. She decodes the aisles of Gochujang, sesame oil and soy sauce, and suggests a few staple ingredients to keep in your freezer.

Hear outtakes and see photos of the excursion on the Good Food Blog.

Guest Interview The 'Chipotle-ization' of Pizza

800.jpgJonathan Gold visits 800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, the latest venture from Adam Fleischman of Umami Burger fame. He describes it as the "Chipotle-ization" of pizza. You can pick your protein and pick your cheese. The pizza's cooked in the same amount of time it takes to make a Chipotle burrito.

800 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria
10889 Lindbrook Dr
Westwood Village, CA 90024

You can find all of Jonathan's restaurant suggestions on the Good Food restaurant map.

Guest Interview Market Report

Akasha Richmond is the chef and owner of Akasha Restaurant in Culver City. Passover and Easter fall on the same weekend this year and the restaurant is celebrating both holidays with a Passover Seder on Saturday, April 7 and a Passover/Easter Brunch on Sunday, April 8.

Jerry Rutiz is the owner of Rutiz Family Farms. He is growing an annual variety of artichokes called Emerald. Unlike Globe artichokes that reproduce via cutting, Emerald artichokes grow from seed.

Guest Interview Why the Farm Bill Matters to You

Dr. Gary Williams is a Professor of Agricultural Economics at Texas A & M University. He explains that the Farm Bill, first passed under President Roosevelt during the Great Depression, is now predominantly focused on Nutrition and Food Assistance programs like SNAP.

Marion Nestle of New York University, Josh Viertel of Slow Food, Roger Johnson of the National Farmers Union and Dale Moore of the American Farm Bureau all comment on what they believe is the most important issue in this year's Farm Bill debate.

Guest Interview Not Your Grandmother's Gefilte Fish

Mark Spangenthal is the chef of the recently opened Kutsher's in Tribeca. He's putting his modern twist on traditional Jewish fare like gefilte fish, kugel and matzo ball soup.

His gefilte fish is made with halibut instead of the traditional carp. He serves it with a beet and horseradish tartare, micro arugula and a parsley vinaigrette.

Guest Interview Mexican Passover

Jonathan Waxman is the chef and owner at Barbuto in New York City and the consulting chef at Rosa Mexicano nationwide. He's crafted a Mexican influenced Passover Menu for all Rosa Mexicano restaurants. It features beef brisket tacos, Passover chilaquiles made with matzo meal and a chile-spiked gefilte fish.

You can make his Pulled Beef Brisket Tacos at home with this recipe on the Good Food Blog.

Guest Interview Korean Pub Grub

gf120331soultown_kitchen.jpgDebbie Lee is the chef and owner of Ahn Joo Food Truck and Ahn Joo Snack Bar. Her latest book is Seoultown Kitchen: Korean Pub Grub to Share with Family and Friends.

Despite American's infatuation with Korean barbeque, she says that most Koreans don't eat barbeque at home. Instead she offers a few ideas for simple home-cooked Korean meals, like her scallion or seafood Pajeon (traditional Korean rice pancake).

Seoultown Kitchen

Debbie Lee

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