Desert Daze, Primavera Sound: There's a music festival for everyone this summer, fall

This year, Tame Impala (pictured here in 2014) will celebrate the tenth year of their album “Lonerism” at Desert Daze. Photo courtesy of Desert Daze.

Four upcoming festivals will make you remember why you love music so much: This Ain't No Picnic, Desert Daze, Ohana Festival, and Primavera Sound.

HBO Max and Discovery+ are merging into one service. It’s part of an aggressive course correction that isn’t centered on streaming content.

The Senate just passed a massive bill aimed at fighting climate change, cutting prescription drug prices, and raising taxes on rich companies. What would California gain?

Georgia has new tax rules allowing an embryo to be claimed as a dependent on state tax returns. Indiana Gov. Eric Holcombe has signed a law that bans abortion from the moment of conception.

A Texas court has ordered Alex Jones to pay nearly $50 million to a family whose child died in the Sandy Hook school shooting. Now he faces two more similar trials with other families.