‘Sunday Matinee’: Brooke Smith turns lens to NY 1980s punk rock scene

A young Brooke Smith appears in New York City. Courtesy of Brooke Smith.

Brooke Smith starred in “Grey’s Anatomy” and “The Silence of the Lambs,” but in real life in the 1980s, she was a rebellious teenager, hanging out with the punk rock kids and photographing the scene in New York. She took photos of the bands and her friends, like a roadie named Frenchie, a squatter named English Mark, and a dog named Sinner. Smith has put all these photos in a new book called “Sunday Matinee.”

In December, Brooke Smith will hold book signings in Los Angeles. 

Cro-Mags perform at CBGB, June 30, 1986. Photo by Brooke Smith. 

Underdog performs at CBGB, May 10, 1987. Photo by Brooke Smith. 

Amy Keim holds her daughter Nadia. Photo by Brooke Smith.