CA death row costs $150M per year. What’s its future?

San Quentin State Penitentiary is located in Marin County, north of San Francisco. “In many ways, [it’s] a waste to have a prison there where people don't enjoy the seaview and are incarcerated in terrible conditions,” says Hadar Aviram, law professor at UC Hastings. Photo by Shutterstock.

Gov. Newsom wants to move the 700 death row inmates at San Quentin to other maximum security prisons. One law professor describes death row in California as “a more expensive version of life without parole that costs us $150 million a year.”

A fight over solar panels is brewing between the solar industry and most environmental groups on one side — versus utility companies, labor groups, and consumer advocates on the other. 

Gas stoves are in nearly 40 million U.S. homes, and they together emit 500,000 cars’ worth of methane per year, according to a new study.

Induction stoves are an environmentally friendly alternative to gas stoves, but some restaurants aren’t able to make the switch. 

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