This writer lost her dad, then found her future wife within 18 months

Kathryn Schulz’s new book is “Lost & Found.” Credit: Penguin Random House.

We’ll lose millions of things — both profound and insignificant — in our lifetimes. That includes one-half of a pair of socks, maybe a credit card, our hair, sleep, and loved ones. But we’ll also find a million things too, such as that other sock, or a $20 bill on the sidewalk, or even inner peace, your life’s purpose, and hopefully love. Continual losing and finding are integral to the human experience, and therefore so are grief and love, suffering and joy.  

In her new memoir, New Yorker staff writer Kathryn Schulz explores how these elements of life collided for her when she lost her father — and found the love of her life in the span of 18 months. Her book is called “Lost & Found.”

“What we have is fleeting … pay attention to it while we have it,” says author Kathryn Schulz. Photo by Casey Cep.



  • Kathryn Schulz - New Yorker staff writer, author of “Lost & Found”