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Politics of Culture

Politics of Culture

Sometimes a panel discussion about current controversies in the cultural world, other times an in-depth interview with an author or leading figures in media, the arts, entertainment or politics, The Politics of Culture examines the intersection where the world of politics and culture meet and sometimes collide.


Bob Scheer: The Great American Stickup

When we think about the recession we're going through, the phrases "mortgage crisis," "Wall Street bailout" and "stimulus package" come to mind. But Robert Scheer has an … more >>

Memorializing 9-11

As we near the ninth anniversary of 9/11, KCRW's Matt Holzman engages in a discussion about the meaning of memorials. more >>


Everything we eat, wear and drive depends in some way on water. But with only one percent of the earth's fresh water available to us, how are we utilizing this finite … more >>

End of Life Care: Hospice and Palliative Choices

At the end of life, there are still choices to be made, medical issues to address. But what if you haven't shared these concerns with a family member or in writing … more >>

A Market for Organs?

Living donors can donate a portion of their liver, lung or pancreas but the need for kidneys -- more than100,000 people in the US alone are waiting -- is overwhelming. Why … more >>

The Art of Jaime Hernandez: Secrets of Life and Death

Before The Simpsons became a cultural touchstone, and before Comic-Con became a mecca for movie-makers, LA was a hotbed of comic art creativity. One of its leading lights, … more >>

Slake: New Long-Form Journal for a Short Attention-Span World

In an Internet world that encourages short bursts of words and thoughts, why have Joe Donnelly and Laurie Ochoa decided to create Slake, an LA journal devoted to long-form … more >>

Dark Night of the Soul

The long-awaited album, Dark Night of the Soul by Danger Mouse and the late Mark Linkous, aka Sparklehorse, is released to the public on July 13. KCRW Music Director Jason … more >>

Diana Nyad: Swimming the Dream

On July 10, at the age of 60, legendary open-water swimmer Diana Nyad, host of KCRW’s The Score, will attempt to complete her first marathon swim in over three decades, … more >>

Remembering Ernest Fleischmann

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call the late Ernest Fleischmann a titanic figure in the world of classical music. He put Los Angeles on the cultural map in his long … more >>

Bravo's 'Work of Art'

Can the next great artist really be discovered on a TV reality show? That's the premise of Bravo's Work of Art: The Next Great Artist. A TV analyst, an artist, an art … more >>

Joe Berlinger's 'Crude' vs Chevron

The documentary film Crude, about Amazonian tribes suing Chevron for destroying their environment, has become part of the story it’s covering. Chevron has subpoenaed 600 … more >>

Alzheimers: Caring for the Caregivers

There's a public health crisis on horizon that threatens to overwhelm California and the US. As baby boomers age, Alzheimer's disease will afflict 1 in 8 Californians, … more >>

Museums Today

Museums have been evolving over the past half century, and they're no longer places that conserve a static vision of what culture is or should be. This week, the world's … more >>

The Culture of Wall Street

Two Of America’S Best Financial Writers Join KCRW’S Rob Long For A Conversation About The Culture Of Wall Street. Michael Lewis Authored “The Big Short: Inside The … more >>
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