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Photo: (L-R) House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, US House Speaker Paul Ryan, and Representative Greg Walden hold a news conference on the American Health Care Act on Capitol Hill in Washington, March 7, 2017. (Eric Thayer/Reuters)

Sáša Woodruff
Katie Cooper
Luke Vander Ploeg

CIA back in charge of targeted killing business 6 MIN, 31 SEC

President Trump has granted the CIA authority to conduct lethal drone strikes once again, rolling back limits President Obama imposed on the agency's paramilitary operations. Gordon Lubold, who’s reporting the story for the Wall Street Journal, says the changes re-open the turf war between the CIA and Pentagon.

Gordon Lubold, Wall Street Journal (@glubold)

Will the Affordable Care Act become the Unaffordable Care Act? 33 MIN, 2 SEC

The Congressional Budget Office has some bad news for House Speaker Paul Ryan and others who've vowed to repeal and replace Obamacare.  The CBO has pronounced that the American Health Care Act would leave 14 million people without health insurance next year, 24 million in years to come. Healthcare premiums for a 64-year old would go from $1700 a year to $14,600. Wealthier people would get tax cuts.  That might not pass the House. In the Senate, it's likely dead on arrival, and it hardly meets the President's promise of "insurance for everybody." We look at the stumbling blocks to a promise Republicans have been making for seven years.

Julie Rovner, Kaiser Health News (@jrovner)
Ron Pollack, Families USA (@Ron_Pollack)
Neil Trautwein, National Retail Federation (@NRFnews)
Dean Clancy, health policy analyst (@DeanClancy)

Rovner on deciphering CBO's estimates on the GOP health bill
Families USA on healthy, wealthy benefit under the House GOP's ACA repeal plan
Trautwein on the future of the ACA, making sense of healthcare reform
National Retail Federation on support of House plan to repeal Obamacare
Clancy on the GOP's back-door individual mandate

Could cannabis be focus of new battle over states' rights? 10 MIN, 43 SEC

2016 Cannabis Cup
Photo courtesy Cannabis Reports

Nevada voters legalized recreational marijuana last November, and there was a sense of paranoia on the free bus from Las Vegas out to this year's Cannabis Cup, a regular event held on a Native American Reservation. After all, the Trump Administration's new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is dead set against legal weed, and the state's US attorney issued a stern warning. James Higdon is a freelance writer covering drug policy for Politico magazine.

James Higdon, freelance writer (@jimhigdon)


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