A Good Food Thanksgiving

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On this special 2-hour edition of Good Food, we'll celebrate Thanksgiving with some of LA's best chefs.  CJ Jacobson of The Yard in Santa Monica is making turducken.  Joseph Gillard of Napa Valley Grille is making a lemon verbena brined turkey.  Vegan and vegetarian dishes are a Thanksgiving day specialty of Akasha Richmond of Akasha.  We'll get dessert suggestions from Valerie Gordon of Valerie Confections.  Evan Funke uses chanterelles for his stuffing.  He'll explain how.  Kajsa Alger of Street is making traditional dishes with an ethnic flare.  Chef Randall Rosa has an idea for Brussels sprouts.  Diep Tran's family had turkey as a side dish.  Pumpkin mezcal cocktails are a favorite of Rivera's John Sedlar.  

We'll hear from cookbook author Dorie Greenspan and Aida Mollenkamp, who have creative and delicious side dish recipes.  Producer Namju Cho shares stories of Thanksgiving on immigrant families' tables.  Eddie Lin takes us to Chinatown for a Chinese-style turkey.    We'll find out how to deal with those sticky social situations that are common during family gatherings from Chow.com's Helena EchlinStacie Hunt has wine suggestions.  Barbara Spencer of Windrose Farms walks us through her incredible varieties of pumpkins.  Canadian Lindsay William-Ross explains how those North of the border celebrate.  Good Food producer Harriet Ells visits Kazi Pitelka's backyard farm where she is raising heritage turkeys for her Thanksgiving feast.  

Instead of eating a turkey, consider adopting one.  Trisha Ritterbusch explains.  Jonathan Gold tells us why he celebrates Thanksgiving twice.  Find out how the pilgrims celebrated the big meal from Kathleen CurtinCarol Meerschaert's celebrates in an unusual way.  Plus, cranberry sauce alternatives from Master Preserver Delilah SnellNick Harris of The Detroit Lions will be playing football on Thanksgiving day.  And host Evan Kleiman answers cooking questions from Good Food listeners.  


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