Andre Ethier; School Lunch; Milk; Pie Contest

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Summer is over and it's back to school.  This week on Good Food, host Evan Kleiman explores what's happening with school lunch in Los Angeles with LAist's Lindsay William RossGreg Enslen tells us what he's doing to improve his school district's offerings.  Dr. Nancy Aiken has banned junk food in her charter school.  And Justin Gagnon provides meals for kids, chosen by their parents.  Good Food's Second Annual Pie Contest was Sunday September 5.  Producer Connie Alvarez has all the action.  The LA Dodgers have a foodie on their team.  Evan chats with outfielder Andre Ethier about his favorite places to eat.  Milk is the new trendy ingredient.'s Lessley Anderson explains the milk phenomenon.  Jonathan Gold takes us to the Test Kitchen.  And Providence sous chef Sam Baxter has a recipe for us to try.

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