Becoming Trader Joe, growing heirloom seeds, marmalade

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“Build an iconic shopping experience and they will come” was a mantra of Joe Coulombe, founder of Trader Joe’s. Photo courtesy of HarperCollins.

When Joe Coulombe conceived of Trader Joe’s, he catered to a new customer who was overeducated and underpaid. Horticulturist Shannie McCabe champions heirloom varieties of seeds, sharing their histories and those of the farmers who grow them in the Baker Creek Seed Catalog. Hannah Marler funded her education by selling seeds. Sharon Wee prepares for Lunar New Year and describes the traditions of her Peranakan heritage. Bill Addison has recommendations for modern Filipino wine bar, Lasita. Finally, it’s time to make marmalade with citrus from the farmer's market.



Evan Kleiman