Gift guide for the food-focused folks on the holiday list

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Celia Sack of Omnivore Books says that first generation authors are sharing their parents’ food with American influences blended in a new wave of cookbooks. Photo by Jason Henry.

Each December, Celia Sack joins Good Food among the shelves of her shop, Omnivore Books in San Francisco, to offer recommendations for her favorite cookbooks of the year. She witnessed a trend of recipe collections written by first generation authors, who take inspiration from their parents’ efforts in the kitchen blended with American influences, and has picks for everyone from cocktail enthusiasts to people who can barely turn on the stove.

Celia’s picks include:

First Generation Cookbooks 

In “Korean American” New York Times food writer Eric Kim describes running away from home to his cousin’s in Nashville, and remembering making coq au vin and “cooking as adults,” an influential anecdote that bridged his heritage and his upbringing. Photo courtesy of Clarkson Potter.

African American Heritage

Beginner Cookbooks

Melissa Clark’s latest cookbook keeps dinner and clean up simple. Photo courtesy of Penguin Random House.

For the Baker

Rose Levy Beranbaum penned an epic cookbook devoted to all things cookies. Photo courtesy of HarperCollins.

Children's Books

For the Home Bartender

For the BBQ and Meat Enthusiast

For the Vegan

For the Talented Home Cook who needs a project