Good Enough to Eat: Bachelor Buttons, Nasturtiums and Calendulas

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With the vast array of produce now up for grabs at farmers markets across Southern California, shoppers will no doubt be filling up bags with all the heavy hitters: corn from Tamai’s, eggplant from Peacock’s, melons from Munak and Weiser’s, peaches from Regier’s, tomatoes from Carpenter’s. Pono Burger Chef Makani Carzino is also making a pitch for less-familiar but equally beguiling flora: bachelor button, nasturtium and calendula flowers. Pick some up with a bag of sweet baby lettuce at the Harry’s Berries stand. Then try Makani’s guacamole recipe at your Fourth of July picnic. It has the Japanese dipping sauce ponzu in it and is served with wonton chips. Yum. Find the recipe on the Good Food blog.

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