Burritos North and South; In-N-Out Secrets; Mobile Slaughterhouses; Biodynamic Wine

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There is more to orange juice than what’s on the carton, says author Alissa Hamilton.  LA Times writer Russ Parsons gives us some structure for our next trip to the farmers market.  Randall Graham decided to forgo a $20 million dollar business to produce biodynamic wine.  A mobile slaughterhouse is how Bruce Dunlop and other farmers in Washington State process their locally raised meat.  Robert Danhi tells us where to shop for those hard-to-find Asian ingredients.  Jonathan Gold has something to say about the San Francisco versus Los Angeles burrito debate.  Stacy Perman reveals the drama of In-N-Out.  Plus, Laura Avery and Amelia Saltsman talk peaches at the farmers market.