Chinese Wine; The Foreclosure Gardener; Mexican Hot Chocolate; Compost

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The great recession has hit many people very hard.  This week on Good Food, host Evan Kleiman introduces us to two people who have been affected by the foreclosure crisis.  Anne Hars has turned an abandoned front yard into a lush garden. And Lefty Ayers lost his home to a foreclosure.  He's now raising acorn-fed heritage pigs right here in Los Angeles.  Marcos Aguillar is making authentic Mexican hot chocolate at Xokolatl Cafe in El Serreno. Jonathan Gold finds authentic Shaghai-style noodles in Monrovia.  Pauline Loh tells us how the world's most populous country is now the biggest market for wine.  Plus Jimmy Williams of Hayground Organic suggests planting a fall garden.  And Denise Ritchie of Malibu Compost shares the incredible story of her cow, Bu.