City Bans; Meat Glue; Absinthe

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Evan Kleiman visits with lawyer and Glendale City Council Member, Ara Najarian, about the city ordinance that forbids commercial grilling outdoors.  Kim Severson, NY Times writer, talks about another ban: NYC's Health Department proposal of a "partial" phase-out of artificial trans fat in all New York City restaurants. James Watson, a Harvard professor who has who has written a book titled: It's Golden Arches East : McDonalds in East Asia, shares his ideas on fast food culture. Food scientist, Harold McGee, explains the fear inducing term, "meat glue" and Simon Ford, says if we're going to be driven to drink we might as well be driving Plymouth Gin. Legendary baker, Peter Reinhart, shares his thoughts on our daily bread and Moveable-Feast blogster extraordinaire, Louisa Chu, has been dancing with the green fairy, and has lived to tell about it.

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