Cranberry Harvest; Healing the Wounds of War; Paraguay; Bacon as a Weapon

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Cranberries require a flood of water during harvest.  This week, third-generation cranberry grower Dawn Allen Gates tells us just what happens in a cranberry bog.  Farming is hard work, but it can also be therapeutic.  Michael O'Gorman explains how getting veterans out in the field can help deal with the damages of war.  Food writer Jonathan Gold takes us to a hip new street in Palms for some Indonesian food.  How about a chipa with your yerba mate?  Good Food listener Natalia Goldberg tells us what tea time in Paraguay is like.  Can pie be gender specific?  Barbara Swell shares stories about her pie competition in rural Appalachia where they had a special category for men's pies.  Still looking for WMD?  You just might find them in your fridge.  Arun Gupta explains how bacon is a weapon of mass destruction.  Laura Avery finds fresh macadamia nuts at the Santa Monica Farmers Market.


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