Gourmet Jelly Beans

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The Jelly Belly Candy Company was the first company to popularize the gourmet jelly bean – bringing unusual flavors like popcorn and peanut butter to the taste buds of America in the 1980s (thanks to exposure from then-presidential candidate Ronald Reagan, who raved about them).

The world of jelly beans hasn’t been the same since – and Lisa Brasher, a vice president at the company, spills the beans on the history of jelly beans, how all those outrageous flavors are created and what’s new.

Lisa Brasher is a vice president of Jelly Belly Candy Company, the fifth generation of the candy making family. Her great-great-grandfather Gustav Goelitz came to America from Germany and became the first to make a candy in 1869.  Lisa is the daughter of the chairman of the board, Herm Rowland, who was the mastermind behind the creation of Jelly Belly jelly beans.

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