Jonathan Gold eats Kurdish food at Nîroj

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If you've been hankering for a good mezze plate, it's time for a trip to Nîroj in Agoura Hills. Follow the requisite hummus and baba ganoush with a fire-roasted red pepper dip called heşandin, recommends LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold, before moving onto Luqman Barwari's kebabs and roasted melê gêj. End your night on a sweet note with an order of a shredded wheat pastry over melted cheese and syrup called kunnefe. Read Jonathan's review of Nîroj on the LA Times website, and text "Good Food" to 69866 to get Jonathan's weekly restaurant recommendations.

Nîroj: 30313 Canwood Street, Agoura Hills, CA 91301 | 818-889-7888

Photo by Kyle Romanek

Music: "Hey Love" (instrumental)  by Tricky and "These Streets" (instrumental) by Bastille