Food and family memoirs, Filipino and Hawaiian chicken, squash blossoms

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Michelle Zauner, who records under the name Japanese Breakfast, featured her mother (left) on the cover art for her album, “Psychopomp.” Zauner’s new memoir is a heartfelt reflection of loss and the comfort of food, family, and heritage. Photo courtesy of Michelle Zauner.

“Food is a love language between a lot of parents and their children,” Michelle Zauner tells host Evan Kleiman. In her new memoir, Zauner recounts the solace she took in learning to cook Korean dishes after her mother’s cancer diagnosis. Lyn Nguyen describes the unlikely pairing between her chef mother and the woman who took her in as a refugee from Vietnam. Chef Brandon Jew shares his prodigal son story of returning to San Francisco’s Chinatown. Sheldon Simeon talks about how different cultures make do with what’s on hand to come together as Hawaiian cuisine. Chase Valencia brings Filipino rotisserie to Lasita for this week’s “In the Weeds.” Finally, squash blossoms have returned to the farmer’s market.



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